Diploma in Airport and Airline Management

Air Delta international


Air Delta international is the best Airport and Airline Management Institute in Nagercoil .The scope and prospects for those completing the Airport and Airline Management Course are growing many folds. More management professionals are required with the growth of the aviation sector. With air travel becoming more common among people, the aviation sector is bound to grow. There is going to be an ever-increasing need for airport management professionals to handle the multitude of different tasks, ranging from the simple to the complex. Ground staff refers to the set of people that work in the airport terminals. Whereas some ground staffs are responsible for the inspection storage and transportation of passenger luggage and cargo, others are required to stock flying aircraft with food and beverages to be distributed during the flights. The ground staff also perform many duties that ensure the comfort and safety of air passengers. They handle the baggage moving it on and off from conveyors. They are responsible for the cleaning of the airplane’s interiors after a flight and sometimes, the runways need to be cleaned as well. With an exciting salary package, the ground staff position is an entry-level job in the aviation industry. However, these provide a great opportunity for aspirants to rise in aviation-related careers. The opportunities for ground-handling companies have been on the rise as major airline companies have started outsourcing these jobs. Airport and Airline Management Course in Nagercoil.

Eligiblity : 12th Pass/Fail, Any Degree
Duration : One year, Two year