Diploma in Shipping and Freight Forwarding

Air Delta international


Air Delta international is best Shipping and Freight Forwarding Institute in Nagercoil. The Indian retail sector has been growing at a very fast pace and is expected to continue doing so in the coming years. The efficiency of this sector is intrinsically linked with infrastructure development. Supply chain networks in India are enhancing their capacity and becoming multi-modal and efficiency-driven. This, in turn, has brought the transportation sector into focus and the shipping industry is a major contributor here. So shipping management in India has become an attractive professional option for many students. Students who then continue to the Hospitality and Cruise Ship Management Diploma course will enhance their knowledge of the business and management of ocean cruises and operational issues involved, but also approach wider managerial issues such as personnel management, organizational behavior, research methods etc. at an advanced level. The course, headed by an experienced and accomplished professional in hospitality operations on cruise ships will also include guest lectures by cruise industry professionals and student visits to cruise ships in order to ensure an engaging delivery of the latest knowledge and issues in this exciting field. Shipping and Freight Forwarding course in Nagercoil.

Eligiblity : 10th Pass, 12th Pass/Fail
Duration : One Year